Ristna Lighthouse

Ristna tuletorn, Ristna nina, Kalana küla

The westernmost point of the Kõpu Peninsula and the whole Hiiumaa lies in Ristna. The ships sailing along the international shipping line are warned about the land being close by lighthouses in Kõpu and Ristna. The light of Kõpu lighthouse from 102 metres above sea level can be seen up to 50 kilometres away. The light of Ristna lighthouse is 37 metres above sea level and is seen as far as 17 sea miles (31.5 km). The height of the tower is 29.5

It was ordered from France in 1873. The lighthouse was assembled in 1874 from details that were brought from France. A 7-pood copper bell was also installed in the lighthouse. Almost at the same time another lighthouse of Hiiumaa Tahkuna lighthouse was also bought from Paris.

During the First World War in 1915, German ships attacked the lighthouse and it was severely damaged. The tower’s appearance was changed a lot in 1920. It was supported with concrete belts up to the service room.

Ristna was well known because of its fog-horn earlier. Global Navigation System station has worked there since 1994.

The well-preserved service buildings of Ristna lighthouse date from the 2-nd half of the 19th century and constitute a remarkable and complete complex.


It is a waypoint on the journey

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