Ungru Stone


Ungru Stone is located on the peninsula of Ninametsa. The beautiful scenery of Ninametsa attracted the lord and lady of Kõrgessaare manor who often spent their leisure time by the sea. The lights of a summer house, which was built by the sea, was noticed by the people of coastal villages who were convinced that the Count of Ungru is involved in piracy. People believed that he had the light of Kõpu lighthouse put out and lured ships off course by lighting a fake fire on the top of Ungru Stone. Wrecked ships were allegedly robbed by baron’s servants and no mercy was shown upon castaways.

Apart of the legend claiming that the notorious Neckmansgrund reefs were for Baron Otto Reinhold Ludwig von Ungern-Sternberg a good source of income is probably true. Kõrgessaare estate had the obligation to help ships which had run upon the rocks and the state paid a considerable amount of money for it. The guilt of the count of Ungru was in the amount of remuneration there was a lot of wheeling and dealing related to it. And a lantern attached to the holes drilled in Ungru Stone was probably just to guide the rescuers back to the shore…

It is a waypoint on the journey

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