10 things to experience in Hiiumaa


10 things to do, enjoy and see in Hiiumaa

  • Visit the Kärdla Meteorite Crater and travel back in time 455 million years.
  • In the footsteps of the manor people – feel the breath of history, visit Suuremõisa Castle and the Reigi kirikumõisa Pastorate.
  • Climb to the heights and see Hiiumaa from the top down – the Kõpu, Ristna and Tahkuna lighthouses, the birdwatching tower in Orjaku, the Rebastemäki hiking trail lookout tower in Kõpu, the climbing wall and observation platform of the “Wind Tower” entertainment centre in Käina and the border guard lookout tower in Tahkuna at the Hiiumaa Military Museum are waiting to be conquered. But you can also look at Hiiumaa from the roof of a kind farmer’s barn or from the top of a haystack.
  • Farm life experiences – in addition to the Soera Farm Museum, you can also experience the farm life of yesteryear at the Mihkli Farm Museum and the Rudolf Tobias House Museum.
  • Catch a fish and eat a fish – “fish with a fisherman to the sea” is something to try and experience in Hiiumaa. If you don’t know how, the fisherman will also teach you how to clean and prepare the fish.
  • See the seals– an enjoyable outing to the sea with wonderful views of seal life. PS! The first inhabitants of Hiiumaa were seal hunters.
  • Hike and explore! – hike on foot, by bike, on horseback, by camper van or by boat along the sea from harbour to harbour – all possibilities are available in Hiiumaa.
  • Enjoy unspoilt nature – admire the sunset in the harbour café, see the sea view from your tent door, watch the sunrise from your camper van window or experience unexpected encounters with wildlife on the forest trail.
  • Sääretirp is a must-see place when travelling to Hiiumaa. It is a 2 km long meander into the sea, along which you can walk and enjoy the wonderful view. Sääretirpi is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Hiiumaa, and with good reason.
  • Relax on the sea and by the sea. Hiiumaa’s well-developed coastline is over 300 km long and offers recreational opportunities for every visitor. They don’t just call Hiiumaa an island paradise!

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