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Hiiumaa has one town, two villages and 182 hamlets. There are 9,400 people living in the village, and in the summer, summer residents boost the population by at least half. Over a hundred thousand visitors come to the island every year and somehow all their wants and needs are met.

Understandably, a community of ten thousand indigenous people cannot provide a service economy comparable to that of a metropolis for ten times the number of tourists, but the essentials are there and a little more – you can get your hair cut or dirty clothes washed.

If he can’t build a space rocket for his guest or perform plastic surgery on his face at the moment, the Hiitian will always say a few kind words to the needy and, if necessary, blow on the sore spot.

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Events and seminars can be organized in the cozy fireplace hall of the Dagen Haus Guesthouse throughout the Year.

The fireplace hall is furnished with six tables and 28 chairs. According to the nature of the event/seminar, the tables can be placed either in a U-shape, in one long row or scattered. With different solutions, the hall can accommodate up to 30 people.

The hall has a comfortable sofa- and children’s corner.

In winter, the living fire that crackles in the fireplace adds to the coziness.

You can use the fully equipped kitchen, the sauna room next to the fireplace hall, and the sauna.

The house has a fast WiFi connection. Seminar equipment is also available: screen, data projector, paperchart.

The Outdoor area of ​​the Guesthouse consists of a large Orjaku Mõisapark and a summer terrace, where outdoor events/trainings can be organized.

Orjaku +372 5182555 dagen@dagen.ee

ARL Korraldus will gladly help You organize events in Hiiumaa. We provide advice and help in organizing events from idea to implementation, but You can also contact us just for generating ideas.

We also offer the possibility to rent the equipment necessary for the party, which makes the event even more special.

Metsa 5, Kärdla 53009566 averiinaul@gmail.com

Electric scooter rental service in Kärdla. We have scooters for adults and various options for children from the age of 6. we also offer helmets. You can rent it both for a short time for a few hours and for longer time – as long as you wish. The rental is offered by the Vabaduse store (Vabaduse 8, Kärdla).

Vabaduse 8, Kärdla 58849490 kert.kuusalu@gmail.com

We’ll rent you the car of your choice and, if necessary, we’ll deliver it where you need it anywhere on Hiiumaa. Rental deliveries to Kärdla and Kärdla Airport are free of charge. For other delivery locations, contact us to negotiate a rate.

Kaare 10, Kärdla +3725112225 jaanusjesmin@hot.ee

– party- and pop-up tent rental

– party furniture rental

– mobile outdoor stage rental

– technical servicing of events

– host

Metsa 35a, Kärdla +3725267075 info@korraldaja.ee

Tools rental
Bicykle rental
Trailer rental
Soft icecream machine rental

Sõnajala 11a 56165555 Info@silwernerauto.ee

rental of jacuzzis and saunas on the trailer

Männi talu Allika küla Käina 53877967 erik.maier@mail.ee

Car rental, bicycle rent.
Motocross bike rental in Nurste motocross track.

Sõnajala 11a 5616 5555 Info@silwernerauto.ee

The Kärdla Culture Centre offers different rooms for organising events:

Concert hall with a stage – seats 194 people (concerts and theatre performances, office events);
Cinema hall with a small stage – seats 120 people (chairs with writing boards, perfect for organising presentations, seminars, conferences, trainings, and concerts);
Pillar hall – for lectures, presentations, seminars;
Exhibition room – for organising exhibitions and presentations;
Study class – for trainings, seminars, lectures.
Catering can also be ordered.
Kärdla Song Festival Grounds – for organising outdoor events.

Rookopli tänav 18, Kärdla linn 37253003234 kultuur@hiiumaa.ee

We rent sound and light equipment for events mainly in Hiiumaa. For concerts, weddings and parties. We also do event servicing.

Viire põik 3 53923320 info@helikast.com

Palade Environmental Education Centre is located in a naturally beautiful place and offers rooms for organising different meetings and seminars.
During breaks, you can get acquainted with the various exhibitions and expositions. During longer breaks, you can visit the neighbouring Soera Farm Museum or the House of Rocks museum.
We offer a total of three different seminar rooms.

SOERA, Palade küla 37253422087 paladelhk@gmail.com

Head Builders OÜ is a privately owned construction company focused on high quality, operating across the Hiiumaa and on the mainland.
The main activity is the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. We perform general construction, roofing, facade, tiling, finishing, repair, plumbing, electrical and renovation works.
We are experienced in our field and have many years of work experience. We do our job with great dedication and enthusiasm. Our core values ​​are honesty and keeping our word. We keep up to date with what is happening in the Estonian construction market and train ourselves gradually. We are familiar with new materials and technology.
There is no word in our endeavors – it is not possible -. We are very communicative and find solutions to all problems together.
The goal is to offer our current and future customers a fast and high-quality construction service at a reasonable price, giving guarantees for the works in accordance with Estonian law.
We strive to be efficient in our activities, to take into account the interests and needs of our customers.
Contact us and let’s have a plan.

Vabaduse 1-4 37255677790 info@headbuilders.ee

Acceptance of waste from residents and companies.
Waste recovery.
Trailer rental.

Kreiandi Jäätmekäitluskeskus 53471741 tambet.toomemae@hiiumaa.ee

Our goal is to provide the best laundry washing and cleaning service for local people and friends of Hiiumaa!

Korrashoid Pesumaja is offering the following services:
-washing of different types of clothes
-ironing service
-washing the carpets

Kärdla Selver, Rehemäe, Linnumäe küla, 92422, Eesti +372 5887 9920 kairi@kvkorrashoid.ee

We offer taxi service and transport for events or excursions with 19 seated bus.

Kaare 10, Kärdla +3725112225 jaanusjesmin@hot.ee

The editorial office of Hiiumaa.ee is not responsible for the accuracy of the data of the companies in the list of services. The company or association is responsible for the accuracy of the data. Please send your comments on changes and/or inaccurate information to hiiumaa@hiiumaa.ee.

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