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There is certainly no need to go hungry in Hiiumaa. You can choose just the right place to dine to suit your tastes from our list of catering establishments below, or by using the map app on this page.

Hiiumaa’s eateries are largely concentrated in Kärdla, but you can also find a delicious meal and a pleasant place to eat in the more distant corners of the island – in Käina, Orjakul, Sõrul, Kalana, Kõrgessaari and elsewhere. The situation gets particularly busy in the summer months. Then, exciting summer cafés will open all over the island, with small romantic cafés and pop-up restaurants serving exotic dishes.

The people of Hiiumaa still prefer their local produce, and the natural products of Hiiumaa are gaining more and more popularity outside the island. In addition to vegetables, fish and lamb, a variety of mousses, preserves and sauces, all made in Hiiumaa, have increasingly found their way into many kitchens and onto store shelves.

The first Home Cafés Days in Estonia took place in Kärdla in 2007.

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The cosy champagne bar and restaurant KORK is located in Kärdla Harbour. You will find a wide selection of champagnes and sparkling wines. Our dishes are prepared with as much local produce as possible. In the summer, the improvised terrace in the back of the house gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy sunset. There is a playground and an outdoor sailboat for climbing and playing a captain for children.
We also organise degustations, concerts and movie nights. In summer we organise the Sparkling Wine Weekend festival for sparkling wine and champagne aficionados.
We are open all year round. We welcome you!

Sadama tänav 30a, Kärdla linn 37259008355 kork@sampanja.ee

The restaurant of the Roograhu Port is located right by the sea and open all year round. In addition to excellent pizzas, the selection comprises tasty soups, salads, and mains. The menu of the Roograhu port restaurant also includes seasonal fish. The restaurant at the Roograhu Port is perfect for families with children and it is a lovely place for celebrating a birthday or having a nice family meal. A place where food makes you happy.

In the port building, there is a guesthouse and a sauna with a view of the sea that can be rented by the hour.
All roads lead to Roograhu and you can get here in several ways – by plane, your own boat, bicycle, or car.

ROOGRAHU, Hiiessaare küla +37253066225 +3724636609 info@roograhu.ee

There is a fun café in the new Tuuletorn experience centre. Our dishes are simple yet delicious, and a little mysterious, our ingredients are local, and our people are awesome. RUUDI is a truly lovely place to spend time at.

Mäe tänav 4, Käina alevik 37258700019 tuuletorn@hiiumaa.ee

With its 50 years of history, Rannapaargu Restaurant is located on Kärdla Beach. We offer delicious lunches and dinners you can enjoy with beautiful sea views and sunsets. We are located just a few minutes from Kärdla’s main square. We are the only restaurant in Hiiumaa, that is open all year, every day.Rannapaargu also works as a café and a billiards bar. We have concerts and the popular “Rannaka nightclub” event with laser show and DJ on weekends. You can order party tables and catering for groups and the arrangement of themed events.

You will find refreshment for both body and soul in Rannapaargu!

Lubjaahju tänav 3, Kärdla linn 3724632053 info@rannapaargu.ee

A handful of Italian spirit at beautiful Hiiumaa!We offer the best Italian flavours made of fresh and local produce of Hiiumaa – pizza, pasta and ice cream. Our menu includes options for vegetarians, children and aficionados of local food.
During summer, we offer Mamma Mia ice cream, which is made by following Italian traditions and local ingredients from Hiiumaa. As a result of this process we will get a wide selection of exciting and pleasant flavours. The cream of the milk we use comes from local farms of Hiiumaa, and if possible, we try to use local berries as well.
We welcome you!

Rookopli tänav 20, Kärdla linn 37253527642 kardla.mammamia@gmail.com

Emmaste Tea House is a pleasant and cosy roadside restaurant on Hiiumaa, where you can dine on site or buy food to go. We do our best to make you feel at home with us. Our menu includes delicious home-cooked food, daily specials, and classic fast food. We use as much local raw materials as possible and keep the prices affordable. We also offer catering service.
In warmer spring weather and all summer, you can enjoy your meals on an outdoor terrace.
You can stay at Emmaste Tea House longer than just for dinner. We also offer accommodation with a bar, a shared lounge, and free Wi-Fi.

TAAVI, Emmaste küla 37253423957 info@housecatering.ee

Kala ja Võrk is a fish and fishing tackle shop/café in Kärdla, Hiiumaa.
Our story began in 2000, when a coastal fisherman with a small fish business in the Kärdla market found that the premises were too small for his grand ideas.
The fish are fresh and caught from the sea surrounding the island. We also sell smoked fish, dried fish, and other fish products which you can taste on the spot or buy to go.
In addition to fresh fish, we also serve light snacks on the spot – fish soup and salads, sandwiches, and coffee and soft drinks. We also sell quality food products of other small producers on Hiiumaa.

Heltermaa maantee 8, Kärdla linn +3725026235 +3725135680 pood@kivikala.ee

Cafe Ambrosia is a family cafe serving Greek food and flavours. We really love what we do – good food is our passion.
We prepare various confectionery and bakery products (cakes, pies), light salads and sauces (Greek salad, dzadziki), sweets (baklava, galaktoboureko), and meals (gyros pita, souvlaki, pasticcio) on site. We also offer hot (coffee, tea) and cold drinks (frappe, freddo cappuccino, dalgona coffee).
Our products can be eaten on site or enjoyed as take-away. We also make various pastries to order. We offer our catering service for organising private events.

Hiiu tänav 1a, Kärdla linn 3725089185 dianaliivat@gmail.com

Rumors of the disappearance of Hiiu beer are highly exaggerated! Kassari Resort has revived local beer production which relies on the wisdom of our grandfathers.
The new Hiiu Brewery combines beer-making tricks and traditions from the past, as well as tips from neighbours and the villagers. These add up to a drink which is as devious as the local humour. In the brewery, you can learn about the history, traditions, and making of the Hiiu beer in addition to tasting it.
However, we already know one thing – no beer lover is left indifferent by Hiiu beer!

Kassari küla 3724636146 info@hiiumaale.ee

Gahwa Café is located in the heart of the Kärdla, by the central square.

We offer the best coffee in Hiiumaa! In addition to coffee or tea, we also offer pastries and cakes. In the menu you will find puree soups, salads, wraps and daily specials on weekdays. For breakfast, we offer an English breakfast and pancakes. We also offer vegan food. If possible, we use raw materials from Hiiumaa.

We have a cosy environment and good service. On our shelves you will find literature for reading and board games for playing. We have free WiFi. There are changing art exhibitions in the café. In summer, meals can be enjoyed on the terrace.

Bon Appetit!

Põllu tänav 3, Kärdla linn 37258341112 kullapai@kullapai.ee

This grillhouse located at the start of the Sääretirp road in Kassari seats up to 160 people in the summer. In fine weather, it is a perfect place for sitting outdoors, where the barbecued meals are prepared in a special barbecue shelter and the terraces full of greenery create an appetising mood.

The goal of Grillhouse “Lest ja Lammas” is to serve food typical of the Hiiu island by mainly using produce grown, produced, and available in Hiiu County and Kassari. Younger guests can choose from a children’s menu and have fun in a playroom.

Local fish, mutton, apple juice, honey, jams, and herbal teas are only a part of the products which are prepared on the spot and which you can buy to take home with you.

Kassari küla 3724636146 info@hiiumaale.ee

Tuletorn Café is located at the foot of the 500-year-old Kõpu Lighthouse. Its menu includes hearty meals, local smoked fish, ice cream, and soft drinks. There is a handicrafts centre in the adjacent building from which you can buy Hiiumaa souvenirs.
Performances and concerts are held at the lighthouse in summer.
The oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the Baltics awaits you!

Mägipe küla 54440582 kohvik@koputuletorn.ee

Sõru Pub is located in picturesque Sõru Harbor. We do our absolute best to guarantee that guests will have an enjoyable experience, offering an authentic local Estonian pub atmosphere and delicious meals made with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible. We keep our prices low while still ensuring that portions are ample enough to satisfy any sailor and even the hungriest tourist. All are welcome! Our outdoor patio lets visitors take in the gorgeous scenery and watch as small craft sail in and out of the harbor. Children can play on the seaside playground behind the pub, take a break in beanbag chairs out on the grassy front lawn, or practice their drawing skills while parents relax.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sadama, Pärna küla 3724693433 info@housecatering.ee

Restaurant Ungru is a seaside restaurant on the northern shore of Hiiumaa, where the atmosphere is created by a former customhouse, the environment of Suursadam and most importantly, the excellent food and service.
Combining the traditional flavours and ingredients of Hiiumaa with the methods of modern cooking, we are able to offer something special, yet simple and homely – just like life on the island.
Come and try how the soul-food of Ungru tastes.
The possibility of sailing to the restaurant adds a certain flare to the restaurant – guests are able to dock their yachts right in front on the restaurant.

Suuresadama küla +37255531230 +37255561271 info@ungrumaja.ee

Rumours about the disappearance of Hiiumaa’s beer are nothing but an exaggeration. Kassari Resort has revived local beer brewing that relies on the wisdom of our grandfathers.
The new Kassari Brewery combines all previous beer tips and traditions with teachings from neighbours and the village folk. It produces a beverage that is as cunning as the people of Hiiumaa and their jokes. In addition to drinking beer, the brewery also provides an overview of the history, traditions, and making of Hiiumaa’s beer.

One thing is for certain – Hiiumaa’s beer leaves no beer enthusiast unmoved!

PUHKEKESKUSE, Kassari küla 3724636146 info@hiiumaale.ee
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