Soviet boarder guard Sääre Nina observation tower

Suuresadama küla, Hiiumaa vald

The tower was erected in 1970-ies. A wooden observation tower was there prior to the current one.

There is a spotlights- and guard team building at the base of the tower and the WW II–time dzots 100 m to the South-West and 200 m to the North- West of the tower.

The Soviet Union peoples Commissariat of Internal Affairs issued an ordinance on the basis of what approximately 2500 men of Russian boarder guards staff was sent to Hiiumaa right after the June coup in Estonia carried out by the USSR on June the 21st 1940 and were here until the German Army entered the island in 1941. The post-war
soviet boarder guard ar- rived to the island in December 1944. There was 24-hour surveillance during the Soviet time on the island.

Sääre observation tower belonged under Kuri cordon that carried out surveillance also in Suursadam.

The soviet army started leaving the country after Estonia regained its independence on August the 20th 1991. The last soviet boarder guard troops left Hiiumaa in September 1992.


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