Practical information
  • Medical assistance

    For medical assistance, go to the emergency department of Hiiumaa Hospital (Rahu tn. 2 Kärdla). Information about the hospital and family doctors can be found on the website of Hiiumaa municipality.

    You can also find information about dentists on the island on themunicipal website. In case of emergency dental treatment, you can go to the emergency department of Hiiumaa Hospital.

    Pharmacies in Hiiumaa:
    Kärdla Central Square Pharmacy
    Kärdla Pharmacy (Uus tn 3, Kärdla)
    Hiiumaa Hospital Pharmacy
    Linnumäe pharmacy, Kärdla Selver
    Käina pharmacy
    Emmaste pharmacy

  • Waste

    Hiiumaa offers good opportunities for separate collection of waste for both residents and visitors.

    There is a waste collection point in every region of Hiiumaa where you can take your waste free of charge:

    packaging – clean plastic, metal and paper packaging, as well as cardboard, paper and glass packaging and waste paper in separate containers,

    unusable textiles, pre-packaged household waste that is left over from sorting and cannot be disposed of elsewhere.

    Visitors will also be able to dispose of waste at their own accommodation, in RMK’s recreation areas and at tourist sites.

    Read more about waste management in Hiiumaa on the municipality’s website.

    Pre-paid orange 25-litre garbage bags are on sale for 1.70 at Coop Hiiumaa stores, ferries R-Kioski, Kõpu lighthouse and Tuuletorn.

    Household waste can be deposited in a prepaid bag:

    Emmaste – Ollima

    Käina – Mäe plats

    Kõrgessaare – VAK Tööstuse teel

    Kärdla – Leigri väljak

    Pühalepa – Suuremõisa

    At the Hiiumaa waste station in the village of Ristivälja during opening hours Mon-Fri 9-17 and Sat 10-14.

  • Guides

    Ene Tisler: 5 272 005,, EST, ENG

    Helgi Põllo: 5284401,, EST, FIN, ENG, RUS

    Inna Lepik: 56475772,, EST

    Kristi Ugam: 56654859,, EST, ENG, NLD

    Lea Tamjärv: 5176290,, EST

    Lea Vaher Lundin: 5646 2929,, EST, SWE

    Lili Käär: 53401207,, EST, ENG, RUS

    Madis Roosimaa: 56220036,, EST

    Mari Orgusaar: 56825998,, EST, SWE, ENG

    Marju Lippur: 56668384,, EST

    Mati Lepna: 5295562,, EST, FIN

    Sirje Heinma: 56605743,, EST, DEU, RUS

    Tiiu Heldema: 5265632,, EST, FIN

    Tiiu Metsar: 5033675,, EST

    Urmas Selirand: 5083648,, EST, FIN, ENG, RUS

    Urve Merendi: 5207868,, EST, DEU

    Urve Vaher: 51905846,, EST

    Viktor Rõbtšenko: 56474141,, EST, RUS

  • Banks and ATMs

    In Hiiumaa, there is only one bank in Kärdla – Swedbank – and it is located in Kärdla’s central square. ATMs are located in Kärdla’s central square and Selver. Also in Käina, Kõrgessaaare, Emmastes.

    You must book an appointment in advance to visit the Swedbank office.

  • Police

  • To Hiiumaa by camper van

  • Tourist information points

  • Important phone numbers

  • 10 recommendations for visitor

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