Monument to the residents of Hiiumaa killed in WWII

Posti tänav 2B, Kärdla linn

In front of the Kärdla Church, a monument has been erected to the residents of Hiiumaa who were killed in WWII. The author of the idea of the monument is Hiiumaa-born Otto Mägi and in realising the idea, he was helped by Heino Kerde. The sculptor of the monument is Elo Liiv and its architects are Maris Kerge and Kadri Kerge. The sculpture was modelled after Marek Vainumäe, a young man from Hiiumaa. The monument was erected with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Defence, private persons and organisations. The construction of the monument was coordinated by the Kärdla Town Government and the Hiiumaa Organisation of the Freedom Fighters and Repressed Persons. The monument was completed in 2012.

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