If one place is actually an island right now, it means that no matter which way you go, you’ll end up on the beach sooner or later. The coastline of Hiiumaa is more than 400 kilometres long, plus the beaches of the frontier islands that belong to Hiiumaa.

As the island’s coastline is winding and indented, Hiiumaa has a wide variety of beaches. There are shallow warm-water sandy beaches, muddy-bottomed reed beds, rocky peninsulas surrounded by the same rocky sea, craggy shores with high cliffs and combinations of all these.

It’s not really forbidden to go to any Hiiumaa beach, the shore path is free. When navigating from the main road to the beach, care must be taken not to violate any traffic, parking, camping, camping or other rules established by the municipality or private owners. Choose a beach from the map or list and when you arrive, don’t be shy to ask a local for more specific directions or recommendations.

Hiiumaa beaches on the map