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In addition to enjoying unspoilt nature and tranquillity, Hiiumaa offers plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities, be it hobbies, sailing, entertainment, sports, crafts or cultural events. If you last visited Hiiumaa several years ago, a lot of new things have been built in the meantime, but everything old and good is still there: the lighthouses, the sunny sandy beaches, the shimmering sea and the friendly people of Hiiumaa.

In Kärdla, a new sports centre with a tennis hall and ballroom has been opened, along with a skate park with conference rooms and a hostel, while in Käina, an entertainment centre, the Wind Tower, and a go-karting track have been built. Throughout the island, there is a wealth of playgrounds, cycle paths, 324 kilometres of hiking trails, bathing areas and small beaches. The wind tower has the highest indoor climbing wall in the Baltics, and the Käina Sports Centre with swimming pool, saunas and gym is in the same building.

The seashores and forests of Hiiumaa offer adventures and experiences all year round. You can go fishing with a local fisherman, pick blueberries, ride horses or learn to surf and ice sail. On the page you will find information about all the opportunities Hiiumaa has to offer.

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Beyond seven lands and seas, in Hiiumaa, at Sõru Harbour, lies the SaunaFy floating sauna, offering a sauna experience with a view of the sea. From the rooftop, one can bask in the sun and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Additionally, after the sauna session, you can immediately plunge into the refreshing seawater.

There is a shower room available, where you can practice the art of mixing warm water with the good old basin system. The spacious anteroom provides a cozy space to sit with friends and sip on cold refreshing drinks. It’s the perfect place to spend quality time with your companions.

Sõru sadam, Pärna küla +37256560716

You are welcomed by small miniponies and our loud dog Simba. He loves children and is frendly but scares people with his loud parking.

Children will lear to take care of the pony and get him/her ready for riding. They will walk in the ground first aand get to know the pony first and then ride.

Around 1 hr.

For children ~ 1.5 – 10 years or until 45 kg.

If there are bigger children or grownups, then they can work with the ponies on the ground.

Säde, Säde tee, Esiküla +37256916007
  • Our SUP boards are beginner-friendly in large size (11’0″) and have 3 stabilisers to support your efforts on the water.
  • Rent a boat and discover magical Hiiumaa coast by yourself. The boat accommodates a maximum of 4 people!
  • Enjoy views with a water bicycle! Comfortable seats make water bicycles a great companion for a nice day cruise. Our self-drive water bicycles are safe and stable.
Sadama tänav 30, Kärdla 5014266

Just as Hiiumaa is very diverse with its beautiful nature and culture, the Windtower is a combination of a museum, a research centre, and a game world. You will experience something completely new while discovering this quiet island.
◊ What is the underwater world of Hiiumaa like?
◊ What does Breckland thyme smell like?
◊ What is the feeling of Hiiumaa and what is it like to control the weather?
The heights of Hiiumaa can be conquered on the highest indoor climbing wall (20 m) in the Baltics. In the gift shop, you will find cute souvenirs that will always remind you of the Windtower.
The lovely Café RUUDI is also located here.

Mäe tänav 4, Käina alevik 37253505028

We offer adventurous nature enthusiasts sea trips from 15 May until 15 September, during which we will observe a seal colony. If possible, we will also visit an islet in order to experience its untouched and wonderful nature.
The trips take place on board a small vessel and are meant for smaller groups of up to 10 people. The trip begins at Kärdla Harbour.
The price includes a two-hour trip for a group of up to 10 people.

Sadama tänav 30, Kärdla linn +3725014266 +3724632077

Get the ultimate racing experience on the modern Käina karting track!

– Karting experiences suitable for everyone
– Events for teams and friend groups
– Organising competitions

Käina is the most modern karting track in Estonia. The track was built according to international standards in 2022 and has set a new standard in the karting industry. The fast and technically challenging 931-metre-long track is an exciting challenge for both experts and beginners. Visitors have access to karts from the Sodikart factory, a timing system and other driving equipment. Instructions provided on-site.

Come and experience true speed!

Spordi 8, Käina alevik +37253488777 +3725050858

Kassari Ratsamatkad (Horse Riding Hikes) is located on a little Kassari Island at the edge of Hiiumaa and it offers the possibility to hike on horses according to the wishes and possibilities. The hikes last from one hour to several days. On short hikes (1–5 h) you can enjoy the seaside bird paradise of Käina Gulf – Kassari Landscape Reserve, hike on the trails of the pirate Unger Sternberg or get acquainted with the ancient Vikings’ war port. Longer hikes (2–5 days) will take you to Tahkuna Peninsula on the northern coast of Hiiumaa, to Vohilaid on the western coast of Hiiumaa and to many other beautiful places.
It is also possible to hike in the marsh and ride through the sea.

RISTITEE TALU, Esiküla +3725189693 +3725083642

It is possible to rent bicycles from the reception of the Kassari Resort hotel. We have 20 bikes for men and women. Some bikes can be used with a child seat. When riding a bicycle, please follow traffic regulations and treat the bike with care. Further information about cycle trails in Hiiumaa is available in the reception or at or

PUHKEKESKUSE, Kassari küla 3724636146

It is time to play, time to develop, time to move, and time to grow. Come and take your time!The sports centre offers great opportunities for a variety of sports. It is possible to play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. We also offer group gymnastics. We have a modern gym and a track and field area with a 60 m running track and a discus throw area. After a workout, you can relax in the sauna.
Hiiumaa Sports Centre is also a great place for organising camps. The modern sports complex can accommodate up to 48 people. There are a total of 12 rooms with four beds in each room.

Põllu tänav 27, Kärdla linn 37257446644

The Hiiumaa Kärusaun is a unique mobile sauna where you can enjoy the benefits of a sauna everywhere on the beautiful Hiiumaa. Bring your friends, hook the sauna to your car, and head to the sea! As a bonus, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea through a glass wall of the sauna. Then, you can go for a refreshing swim in the sea.
Wildly active Hiiumaa!

PALERI, Paluküla +37256686336 +37256456466

Come and have a holiday while sailing to Hiiumaa! Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia; it is surrounded by the Väinameri in the south-east and the open sea in the north and west.

• A trip to the island takes about 2 hours, depending on the weather.
• The price for a round trip is valid for the entire group of passengers, not a single person!
• The group can consist of 1 to 10 people.

In order to sail:
* E-mail us the date and times when you would like to set sail;
* Let us know the size of your group. If you have any children, then how many and in what age?;
* Leave us your name and phone number, so we could contact you if necessary;
* Let us know the precise details for an invoice.

Holmi tänav 14, Haapsalu linn 37255959804

‘My Trail’ is a map of Hiiumaa which helps you to spend time together and create a unique travel memory!
Find pre-listed places on the map and add your favourites. With the map, you get stickers that make it easier to complete the map. You can use them to label both activities and emotions.
You can download the map before your trip via the homepage or Facebook page or buy it from various sales points on Hiiumaa.
The ‘My Trail’ map is a canvas and you are the artist!


The Vanajõe valley study trail forms part of the Tihu landscape reserve and winds along the banks of the prettiest river on the island of Hiiumaa and the tops of its valley, which are up to six metres high in places. It does not take long to get from one end of the trail to the other, but it has many ups and downs, providing physical exercise as well as an interesting learning experience. The trail is 1 km long and fully marked with wooden arrows. It does not cross through wet areas.

Randmetsa, Õngu küla +3726767499

Orjaku study trail runs mainly on the shore of the Gulf of Käina. The avifauna of the Gulf of Käina, which consists of 192 species, is interesting and biodiverse. In the autumn, 10–15 thousand water and coastal birds stop on the Gulf.
The trail consists of a longer, Orjaku (2 km), and a shorter, Roostiku, trail (0.7 km). The trail also has a birdwatching tower, three observation platforms, a mud bridge, a recreation site with a shelter, and a boardwalk of approximately 0.4 km in the reed field.

The study trail is perfect for families with children – the shorter trail is manageable even for the very young. Watching the water birds from the observation platform is an interesting experience for both the young and the old.

The trail is marked with arrows and can be completed without getting one’s feet wet.

Orjaku küla +3726767499

Neljateeristi nature trail runs along the northern coast of Kõpu Peninsula. It is possible to examine the communities characteristic to Kõpu there. Möirasoo is a little coastal spring fen, where it is possible to see the yew tree that is under protection. Mägipe boulder and Süllasoo Jaanikivi stone on the beach date back to the Ice Age.
There is a unique fishing hut on the beach.
It takes approximately 1 hour to complete the trail and in dry season, it can be completed without wellies. The trail has been equipped with signposts and information boards. Near the trail, you will find the Kalurikoda forest hut, which has a fireplace, benches, and a table. There is a camping area and a campfire site next to the hut.

Mägipe küla

The Paluküla Health Trail in Hiiumaa invites you to enjoy the fresh air of the island and admire the local nature.
There is a 1.8 km illuminated trail, where you can walk, run, cycle, or ski depending on the weather. Naturally, there is a sled hill. There is also a 2.7 km trail (not illuminated), a 9 km hiking trail (for more experienced hikers), and a disc golf park with 18 baskets.

Take the cycle and pedestrian track from Kärdla to Paluküla health trail.
The trails have sign posts.

Hausma küla +3725055709

After a visit to Soera Farm Museum it is interesting to look around in old farm lands. The trail runs in the forest close to the farm on former hayfields and grasslands and enters the marsh here and there.
So you will get to know which landscapes were once in use of the farm. The trail is approx. 1 km in length and the time of completion thereof is 30 minutes. There are also information boards on the trail. You may need your rubber boots while on the trail.

Soera, Palade küla +37253422087

The sailing ship Lisette offers voyages in the waters of Hiiumaa because the surrounding water bodies are exciting and diverse and hide stories of ships, sailors, winds, and storms in them.
The local ports are welcoming and safe, and the islets and the sea offer lots to discover.
Once we reach Kärdla Bay, we will hoist the sails together, and participants can try steering the ship and keeping it on track. We will share stories from the times when men were made of iron and ships were made of wood.
Guests will enjoy their first marine experience during a two- to three-hour voyage.

FURTSELLAARIA KAI, Orjaku küla 3725283710

We are renting out SUP boards at port of Sõru beach area. Opening hours 12pm – 9pm. One board for one hour costs 10€. Call for booking +372 53034650.

Sõru sadam 53034650

This is a studio of two artists where you can explore the possibilities of glass art and try cutting glass as well as making glass beads with a burner. For those interested, we organise workshops for a fee – making glass beads or stained glass, introducing glass cutting and glass melting techniques.
We will talk about the history of the Estonian glass industry, which started 400 years ago on Hiiumaa.
You can buy glass art, glass beads, jewellery, and order glassware from the studio.
You can also order coloured glass and mirrors as well as a glass cutting service.

Heltermaa maantee 6, Kärdla linn +3725032246 +3725296580

Surf Paradise is located at the top of Kõpu Peninsula in Ristna. Here, you can enjoy extreme water sports on the biggest waves in the Baltic Sea. We provide water sports attractions such as jet skis, towed water sports equipment, water skis, wakeboards, tubes, and bananas. The water park has a large sea trampoline, SUP boards, sea kayaks, bodyboards, surfboards, snorkelling equipment, etc.
We offer Viking ax throwing and archery on land and military orienteering in the late evening.
All activities are preceded by appropriate training. We have a large selection of special clothing.
There is also a sauna with a view directly to the sea.
The beach bar serves exotic drinks and meals.

Ristna neem Surf Paradiis, Kalana küla 3725051015

Orjaku Tower is one of the largest birdwatching towers in Estonia. In spring and autumn, thousands of migratory birds can be watched from the tower while they stay in the Käina Bay. Since 1962, Käina Bay has been a protected area and has been a part of wetlands of international importance (Ramsar sites) since 1997.
There is also a 1.5 km nature trail at the birdwatching tower.

Orjaku küla 3725045393

Yearning to get away from it all on the islets of Hiiumaa? Come hike with the local fishermen who have lived on them!

We recommend a three-hour guided hiking package to the Saarnaki farmhouses. There are many options for hiking because there are many islets and the best way to find the one you would like to visit is to consult with a fisherman.

The boats can accommodate 11 people and the guide. You can also spend the night on the islets.

The islets of Hiiumaa are waiting for you to explore them – ask for an offer!

Salinõmme sadam, Salinõmme küla 37253834083

Hiiumaa Tennis Club was founded in 1990 and has been operating ever since. It trains up-and-coming players and organises competitions. Its courts are located in the heart of Kärdla, not far from the central square. There are four clay courts and one artificial grass court. Since the club arranges a number of tennis camps on Hiiumaa, you should book in advance.

Turu tänav 7, Kärdla linn 37253303832

The islets of Hiiumaa are the best kayaking location in the Baltic region. 

Stunning in their natural beauty and full of cultural heritage, the islets are the perfect distance from each other for kayaking. With a low sea level between them, the closeness of the islets provides paddlers with the benefits of warm waters and a route protected from wind and waves. Participants do not have to have previous experience in kayaking.
This trip begins and ends on the Sarve Peninsula. We will paddle between the islets, go on a hike on the islets, and observe sea-birds and seals. We will sleep in tents on the uninhabited islet of Kõrgelaid, where there is a private campground with a campfire and a dry toilet. 

The price applies for groups of at least 12 people!

KADAKA, Sarve küla 37256632979

The outdoor gym in the immediate vicinity of Suuremõisa Castle and sports building is suitable for everyone. There are seven devices available for fitness training.Come and work out while enjoying the beautiful nature and admiring the Suuremõisa Castle.

Lossi tee 2, Suuremõisa küla

In the outdoor gym in the heart of Kõrgessaare Centre, you can train all muscle groups. Come and enjoy the nature, warm up by running in the beautiful manor park, and have a refreshing work out session!Next to the outdoor gym, there is also a basketball court, a park, and a children’s playground.

Ninametsa tee 2, Kõrgessaare alevik

Emmaste outdoor gym consists of six machines and you can train all muscle groups. Four of the six devices are two-sided, so ten people can train at the same time.The outdoor gym is located in the centre, there is a car park, a bus stop, a library, and a shop nearby.
Come and train in fresh air!

Emmaste küla
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