Luidja beach and camping area

Luidja küla

The Luidja sandy beach is 2.5 km long. The local people call it the Luide beach, after the Estonian word ‘luide’, which means ‘sand dune’. There are indeed several very big sand dunes in the village. It was only in 1904-1908 that the blowing of sand onto the roads and fields was stopped. This was achieved by planting a 2.2-kilometre black alder stand between the road and the sea – an initiative that was led by forester Ahrens.

The alder stand has gradually become a mixed forest, where there are now about twenty different species of trees and bushes, among them even some firs. The 68-hectare Luidja Landscape Conservation Area has been formed here, aiming to protect the unique black alder stand that grows on sand dunes as well as such habitat types as sandy beaches with perennial vegetation, white dunes (shifting coastal dunes), grey dunes (fixed coastal dunes), wooded dunes, rivers and creeks, and spruce forests rich in motley grass. Protected plant species found in the Luidja forest are northern firmoss (Huperzia selago) and bird’s-nest orchid (Neottia nidus-avis). The Luidja Landscape Conservation Area belongs to the Natura 2000 network.

Luidja beach is the perfect place for a beach holiday.  The 2.5 km sandy beach has been tidied up and there are four beach volleyball courts. In the summer, various events, such as the Luidja triathlon and the Luidja beach volleyball tournament take place on the beach. It is possible to organize various camps.

There is a nice playground and a swing on the beach, which are perfect for the youngest of your family, as well as for the older ones.

The RMK Luidja camping area is nearby.

There is no lifeguard and swimmers swim on their own responsibility.


It is a waypoint on the journey

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