Liivalauka beach

Supelranna, Tohvri küla

The Liivalauka swimming beach is situated 3 km towards Tohvri from the Sõru Harbour. The Sõru – Tohvri road is a picturesque seaside village road between coastal sweep wells and the light- houses of Tohvri. The swimming beach is in the Vanamõisa Bay Limited Conservation Area, the purpose of which is to protect different types of habitat, bird species, and habitats of migratory bird species that need protection. The limited conservation area belongs to the Natura 2000 network and has sandy beaches with perennial vegetation and wooded pastures that are under protection. Of the species that are under protection, the Liivalauka beach area is the habitat for the lesser butterfly-orchid (Platanthera bifolia) and the early marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza incarnata). It is forbidden to pick such protected plants, so as not to endanger the survival of the species in this habitat.

You can swim on your own responsibility, as this is not a designated beach and therefore has no lifeguard services.


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