Kassari beach

Kassari küla, Hiiumaa vald

Kassari is an island in the Väinameri Sea. It is connected to Hiiumaa by means of dam roads and has grown together with Hiiumaa. The area of the Kassari Island is 19.3 km2. Kassari is the fifth biggest island in Estonia.

The Kassari coast is washed by the waters of Jausa Bay, Käina Bay, Vaemla Bay, Kassari Bay, and Õunaku Bay, which include 40 islets and reefs.

The Kassari swimming beach is situated in the Kassari sääre Conservation Zone of the Käina Bay – Kassari Landscape Protection Area, also including a narrow cape called Sääretirp, which juts out into the sea and is covered in shingle. The more elevated part of the two-kilometre-long Sääretirp has thicker vegetation. Junipers, wild roses, mountain currants (Ribes alpinum), honeysuckles (Lonicera xylosteum), alder buckthorns (Rhamnus frangula), buckthorns (Rhamnus cathartica), guelder rose shrubs (Viburnum opulus), and also crab apple trees (Malus sylvestris) grow abundantly there. The shingle ridges and dry meadows are habitats for such protected annual species as the dwarf mouse-ear (Cerastium pumilum) and the Hutchinsia (Hornungia petraea). Käina Bay, along with the islets of Hiiumaa, has been included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance (the Ramsar List).

You can swim on your own responsibility, as this is not a designated beach and therefore has no lifeguard services.


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