Suuremõisa Dutch-type windmill ruins

Suuremõisa küla, Hiiumaa vald

Suuremõisa limestone windmill was built in the1840-ies but the manor had a windmill already in the 17th century and most likely at the same place of the present ruins. Indication to that are the Swedish reign time coins found in the 20th century at the main entrance of the windmill that refer to the fact that in addition to the flour for own usage the flour was milled for money also to the peasants. The site is called Veskimägi.

The mill had a steam engine in the 20th century. It functioned as a flour mill and a saw mill. The mill was operated by Ahtsig/Avasaar family from the mid-twenties to the thirties. In 1940 the mill was nationalized.

The mill functioned as a saw mill up to the beginning of the 1960-ties, was after that used as a fertilizer shed for some time and left afterwards to slowly dilapidate.

Suuremõisa mill collapsed on the night of October the 26th 1976. The ruins are dangerous in some places.

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