Hiiumaa with a guide


Hiiumaa is a small and safe place where guests can freely wander around on their own, prepare their own hiking route and search for information about places of interest on the internet.

But it’s even better to hike with an experienced hiker or guide who knows everything about Hiiumaa, from the works of writers related to the island to the names of rare orchids.

The Hiiumaa Tour Guides Association brings together trained and certified guides and hikers who can guide both bus tours and guests traveling alone or in smaller groups. You can also take a guide with a smaller group or family, you can probably agree on the length of the travel day and the fee.


Ene Tisler: +3725272005, enetisler@gmail.com, EST, ENG

Helgi Põllo: +3725284401, helgipollo@gmail.com, EST, FIN, ENG, RUS

Inna Lepik: +37256475772, innalepik@gmail.com, EST

Kristi Ugam: +37256654859, kristi.ugam@gmail.com, EST, ENG, NLD

Lea Tamjärv: +3725176290, tamjarvlea@gmail.com, EST

Lea Vaher Lundin: +3725646 2929, lea.vaher.lundin@gmail.com, EST, SWE

Lili Käär: +37253401207, lili.k22r@gmail.com, EST, ENG, RUS

Madis Roosimaa: +37256220036, madis036@hot.ee, EST

Mari Orgusaar: +37256825998, morgusaar@gmail.com, EST, SWE, ENG

Marju Lippur: +37256668384, marjulippur@gmail.com, EST

Mati Lepna: +3725295562, mattiashiiumaal@gmail.com, EST, FIN

Sirje Heinma: +37256605743, sirjeh@hiig.edu.ee, EST, RUS

Tiiu Heldema: +3725265632, tiiuheldema@gmail.com, EST, FIN

Tiiu Metsar: +3725033675, tiiu.metsar@mail.ee, EST

Urmas Selirand: +3725083648, urmas.esimene@mail.ee, EST, FIN, ENG, RUS

Urve Vaher: +37251905846, urvemaxi@gmail.com, EST

Viktor Rõbtšenko: +37256474141, viktorrobt@hot.ee, EST, RUS

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