Emmaste Manor

Kooli, Emmaste küla, Hiiumaa vald

Emmaste manor was established by Jakob Pontus Stenbock (1774- 1824) in 1779 in the place of Emmaste village. The inhabitants of the village were resettled to another location. At first it was a dairy farm attached to Suuremõisa estate. Later it became an independent estate.

Emmaste manorial estate and its neighbors were the only estates once belonging to the De la Gardies which were no acquired by the family of Ungern-Sternberg. The state belonged to the De la Gardies up to 1899 when it was bought by Aleksander Thomas Eduard Nikolai von Hoyningen-Huene who was accused of espionage in for Germany during World War I and sent to Siberia.

After the Republic of Estonia was established in 1918 and manorial were nationalised in 1919, a new Emmaste village formed around the estate in 1922 – 1924.

he main building of the estate has been the builidng of Emmaste School since 1920. The one-storey building became too crowded when older school in the area were closed and another floor was added to in 1960. in 1997, 200-seat assembly hall was built.

A writer Herman Sergo and an artist Paul Reeveer studied at Emmaste School.


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