Soonlepa Manorial Estate

Viinaköögi, Soonlepa küla, Hiiumaa vald

Soonlepa estate was a subsidiary estate of Suuremõisa. At the end on the 18 century a dairy farm was established in Soonlepa and the estate was extended on the account of the lands of Lepistu and Soonlepa villages. The inhabitants of the villages were forced to move to the forests of Alutaguse in Virumaa. Before that they were made to carry several dozens of earth to the infertile fields of Lepiku village.

Differently from other subsidiaries of Suuremõisa, Soonlepa was still a knight’s estate in 1913. The main building of Soonlepa estate has been destroyed, only barn houses, a stable of working horses, the ruins of the roadster stable and the spirits’ storehouse, a farm hands’ house and the granary building are preserved. The latter was built in the first half of the 19 century and the rest of the buildings in this remarkable complex are from the middle or the second half of the 19 century.


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