Partsi mill

Saeveski, Partsi küla

The limestone Partsi windmill, built in the 19th century, is a smock mill with a frame in the shape of a truncated cone. The roof of the mill used to resemble an upside down boat.
A pearling machine, millstones and some of the transmission system of the mill still survive.
The mill has been restored and the rooms have been refurbished for community activities; nevertheless, all those who are interested can still admire the exterior of the mill.

In the 1930-ties Partsi mill was operated by Priidu Ala & Co. At the time flour and sawmill was powered by steam engine.

In 1940 the mill was nationalised and after WWII the Partsi saw and flour mill belonged to the shipbuilding cooperative „Hiiu“. The cooperative ceased operating on February the 1st 1952 due to nationalising of the cooperatives.

The mill was taken under protection as cultural monument in 10.09.1999 and in 2010 the renovation of the mill started. Groats machine, millstones and partially transmissions have still been preserved in the mill.

It is a waypoint on the journey

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