The Kuri Priest and Schoolhouse

Kuri küla

The building has been constructed during 1888 – 1891 according to the design of architects I. Dmitrijevski and P. Knüpffer.

In 1885 an orthodox parish school founded by the Riga Peter-Paul Brotherhood was accommodated in the Priest House. It was of high level school of its time where also non orthodox children were accepted.

In 1918 the school had 6 classes. First time the school was liquidated in the first half of the 1930-ties. In 1945 Hellamaa School was brought to Kuri Priest House and it was closed in the spring of 1969. In 1990 a school was opened for the third time as Kuri elementary school in the Pries House. The third school period was short-lived – the school was definitely closed in spring 1997.

Bernhard Aleksander Tuiskvere (Tiismann), subsequently an internationally well-known forestry scientist has studied in Kuri School.Other Kuri Parish School students who later gained fame were the 20-th century beginnings writer Konstantin Koklat and the pre-war left-wing politician Artur Piht.


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