Kootsaare Stone Labyrinth

Reigi küla, Hiiumaa vald

Good wanderer, you have come to one of the most mystical places on Hiiumaa and you can see the good old classical stone labyrinth. In Estonia stone labyrinths are typical in costal area that were settled by Swedish settlers. It is not known when they started to establish them and what was the purpose and use of each labyrinth. The world history of labyrinths goes way back to thousands of years before Christ. They have been used for fertility magic and meditation. Also different games and incantations. In Estonia and other countries labyrinths have been called Jerusalem, Turkish City, Constantinople, Peter’s Games, Giant’s Path etc. We know that here in Kootsaare theywere called “Sailor’s Games”. A Swedish sailor who couldn’t get away from Hiiumaaafter his ship was wrecked built one big and two small stone labyrinths to commemoratehis home. Later young people played secret games there, where adults could not see them. Fishermen and sailors consulted them to get better catches or favorable winds, etc.

In 1990 the location of smaller labyrinths were explored about 100 metres to the south. It appeared that stones were there but the labyrinths were not built.

The date of the building of that labyrinth is unknown but it is assumed to be around16-19 century.

It is a waypoint on the journey

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