Participate in the “Hiiumaa Moves 2022” mobility series

31 May 2022

Hiiumaa Moves 2022

Hiiumaa municipality’s mobility series “Hiiumaa Moves 2022″ will take place in the period 15. April to December 2022. The sports series has been created to make the people of Hiiumaa healthier and more active, as well as to give them the opportunity to take part in various grassroots sports events throughout the year, regardless of their level of fitness or age.

Come and spend some quality sporting time with friends and family!

Series reminder:

– “Hiiumaa Moves 2022″ is a mobility series that offers the opportunity to enjoy movement and a sporty lifestyle. It’s not about winning, it’s about participating!
– Participants of all ages are welcome!
– Stages of the series will take place in each municipality of Hiiumaa.
– You should only move if you are in perfect health and in compliance with the rules!
– Participation in the stages is at the participant’s own risk. The participant chooses the speed of movement according to his/her ability and state of health.
– When driving on public roads and streets, it is compulsory to obey the traffic rules and to consider other road users.
– Information about the sports series will be published on the website of the sports series, via the Facebook page of Hiiumaa municipality and Hiiumaa sports news and in the Hiiumaa Teataja. Specific information on the stages of the series can be found on the website of the stage organiser.
– A gallery of the stages will be uploaded on the Mobility website.
– At each stage, the organisers register all participants. In order to participate in the prize draw, the participant is obliged to share his/her personal and contact details with the organiser of the event.
– The organizing committee of the series reserves the right to modify the general rules in the light of possible changes in the time or venue of the stages.
– Issues not covered by the General Rules will be resolved by the Series Organising Committee.


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