Seminar rooms at Suuremõisa Castle

Lossi tee 3, Suuremõisa küla

Countess Ebba Margaretha Stenbock had the present mansion built in 1755–1760. In 2016, after the castle was renovated, it was re-opened in its full glory. 
If you are looking for a truly special place for organising a seminar, training, or a festive occasion, or if you wish to host a meeting outside the usual work environment, you might find Suuremõisa Castle the perfect spot. There are halls and rooms of various sizes with the necessary equipment for presentations. Visitors can stay the night at the student dormitories of the technical school.
The castle’s cafe-restaurant is the perfect place for a cup of coffee or a lunch break.
It is also possible to order excursions in the castle.


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