Salinõmme harbour

Salinõmme küla, Hiiumaa vald

Salinõmme harbour was built after the division of Salinõmme Cattle Manor into farms in 1924. Salinõmme harbour is located on Kasuklaid (Kasuk islet) in local toponymy. Salinõmme Fishermen Cooperative was founded in 1925.

Construction work of farms and purchasing of fishing equipment swallowed anyway scarce resources and the activities were initially limited to maintaining the landing places of the peninsular for pulling the boats to the seaside. The first Salinõmme harbour facilities were constructed in 1942-1943. In these years a landing bridge resting on comb cases and a fish buying up building were constructed. In 1942 the Salinõmme fishermen belonged to the South Hiiumaa Fishermen Cooperative. The Cooperative closed down in spring 1949. Assets, including the Salinõmme harbour, were transferred to the newly established fishing kolkhozes. Salinõmme fishermen belonged to kolkhoz called “Nõukogude Kalur” (“Soviet Fisherman”). During the time of “Nõukogude Kalur” capital repairs were made to the har- bour bridge and the fishermen house was built (was expanded in 1972). At the same time the first fish plant department was constructed. In 1959 a new integrated fish plant department, a new fish reception bridge and a red-brick gun booth were built.

On March the 14th 1961 small fishing kolkhozes were joined into a big “Hiiu Kalur” kolkhoz and the Salinõmme harbour went as part of the new kolkhoz asset to the disposal of Salinõmme fishing brigade (in 1972 it was renamed to Väina brigade). In 1968 an ice cellar was constructed to one side of the fish plant. In 1969 the dredging of the
harbour area was done and a new wooden wharf built.

In 1974 a recreational harbour which represented a 30 metre long wooden wharf and a detached harbour building came into being next to the fishing harbour.

In 1983 a net shed was built to the fishing harbour. During 1986 – 1987 a steel tower with radio communication equipment for communicating with fishermen at sea was erected in front of the guard house in the harbour. In 1989 a concrete wharf was constructed.

In 1993 a Salinõmme Strait Fishing Farms Commercial Association was founded and most of the Salinõmme harbour went to its ownership.

In 2006 a new concrete ramp was constructed with state funding and the harbour dredging works were done.


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