The Emmaste church manor

Emmaste küla, Hiiumaa vald

The buildings of Emmaste parsonage (the main building and outhouses) were constructed in the 19th century. The main building became a cultural monument in 1999. It now functions as  Emmaste Medical Care Centre offering the services of a general practitioner, a dentist and a pharmacy.

Emmaste Open Youth Centre was built on the foundations of the former parsonage’s outhouses (shed +shed +cellar).

The construction of the new building was initiated by the rural municipality of Emmaste and funded by the European Regional Development Fund in 2010. The building is currently in active  use with a total of 500 square metres of usable space. The Youth Centre offers leisure facilities for  everybody.

The construction of the stone church of Emmaste was launched in 1866, as the wooden chapel in  Sõru, which was in the vicinity of Emmaste manor, had fallen out of repair. The plot of land needed for the new church was donated to the congregation by the lady of the manor Countess Brevern de la Gardie. Emmaste church boasts a unique altarpiece called „Resurrection“, painted in 1900 by Tõnis Grenzstein.


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